My first ever event as J.FitzPatrick footwear (outside of my launch party) is finally taking place on October 31st, in beautiful city of Paris, in conjunction with renowned Parisian sock retailers, Mes Chaussettes Rouges, as well as my good friend Hugo Jacomet, founder and editor of top class sartorial site, Parisian Gentleman. As staple pieces in one’s wardrobe both of which go hand in hand in the preparation of one’s outfit, it is the intention of this event to not only introduce our two young brands to the people of Paris (or even outside), but also talk a bit about the importance of taking pride in these two components of your outfit. But most importantly the event is more about having a bit of fun and introducing ourselves to the people that appreciate the fine products that the footwear industry has to offer.



For this event, I have designed two exclusive colorways in two of my models of shoes: the Wedgwood and the Wallingford (pics below of the models but not the ones that will be there). While I would like to keep their colorways relatively a secret (aka surprise), let’s just say that the colors burgundy, blue and grey will be involved (not all 3 being on one however). I will now leave it up to your imagination to guess how I put them together on these two different models. With these two exclusive make- ups, I have created size runs of 14 pairs of each, allowing those that attend to come try and should they wish, buy a pair or two. I will also be brining a size run of sample shoes for those that may be interested in other models within the collection and would like to get an idea of the fit of my footwear and possibly order a pair.

J.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral Boot J.FitzPatrick Wallingford oxford brogue

The event as a whole will take place in two different ways. That being, for those of whom would like to come have a chat, try on the J.FitzPatrick models or just hang out in the shop in a tranquil manner, then the doors will be open from 10am-6pm of which I will be there all day long. For those that might not be able to make it during the day but wish to attend, can come for the party of which we will be hosting some nibbles and drinks as well as some other surprise activities. Hugo Jacomet of Parisian Gentleman will be creating the invite for the party side of the evening and will be releasing it in about a week or so. As soon as it goes live, I will be sharing on the blog as well for all of you to make your RSVP’s.

The event should be a great time and for all of you in or around Paris that can make it, I will be extremely pleased to meet you!

As a P.S. to all the rest of you that can’t, well whatever doesn’t sell at the event will go up on the blog as The Shoe Snob blog exclusives, so be ready for some interesting offerings!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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  1. Won’t make it to Paris but Leffot for sure unless we meet before in London! Wish you all the best for this show.

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