Mr. Miyagi Monks
I’m kind of at a loss for words today…been feeling a bit like procrastinating on everything as I am working myself ragged! That being I don’t really have a whole lot to say other than this single brogued monk by Miyagi Kogyo is simply beautiful. I really do like a monk that has the balmoral line as it allows for a very clean distinction between the facing and the vamp, which of course then allows for multiple colors and materials to be used. Add the brogueing to the mix and it really creates something out of the ordinary, which as you all know I tend to appreciate for novelty’s sake….Will be announcing my launch party in the next day or two so be on the look out. It will take place towards the end of March so start to think about what you have going on and be ready to put it into your planners!!
Mr. Miyagi Monks


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4 thoughts on “Mr. Miyagi Monks”

  1. Stunning! I misread it first as “My Miyagi monks” and was about to congratulate you. I guess not (yet!) – but worth looking into. These are incredible.

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