Mind-Blowing Seamless Wholecuts - David Mckee
A seamless wholecut is like the holy grail of shoes for its difficulty in lasting and pattern making. But David Mckee of Dave’s Boots and Shoes, in England, took it to the next level by making a faux brogue out of the upper which I personally find so cool and appealing. It could be that I am quite partial to blue and this leather is one of the nicest shades of blue there is, not being too bright, but not too dark either. You really see the blue and appreciate it for what it is. Nonetheless, this is one very cool pair of shoes that blew me away when I saw it.

Not having heard of David Mckee before, I stumbled upon him on Facebook (not even sure how) but was glad that I did. Trained at the Cordwainers school in London, it would that he has set up his own outfit in his hometown of Plymouth, England and is taking orders and making some very cool things. I will be curious to see the rest of the things he comes up with. Already, on The Shoemaking Forum, to which he is quite active, you can see a lot of his work.

For those in England, looking for a new shoemaker, give David a shout!


Mind-Blowing Seamless Wholecuts - David Mckee Mind-Blowing Seamless Wholecuts - David Mckee Mind-Blowing Seamless Wholecuts - David Mckee



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