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I’M BACK!!!! Well, for those of you that read my blog religiously, I just wanted to say sorry that you had to go 4 days without a new post. It even felt long for me, as I was almost going through lack-of-writing withdrawals. But alas, I am back in full effect and have some interesting things to share with all of you. While I can’t talk much about where exactly I went (as in the name of the factory) I can tell you that I was in Spain. However, I will dwell more on this subject in my long post tomorrow but for now just share with you my experience while I was on the plane.

As the procrastinator that I have always been, I found myself on the plane over to Spain (to turn my designs into actual products) without a toe medallion that I was really satisfied with. I had designed two, but they were not really something to be ‘wowed’ over, so I decided to design three more. Let me tell you, designing them is not easy. Not only do you want to make one that looks unique against all of the 5 million others out there, but more importantly one that simply looks good and fits the toe area.

It turned out that the phrase ‘3rd time’s a charm’ really came to life in my crash course experience in medallion designing. The first one that I made looked like a butterfly. That was definitely not going to go into production. The second one looked too much like something that everyone else has done. Can’t have that either. But the third one was brilliant. It was unique, good looking and satisfactory. The only thing that left me wondering were the proportions. It was quite big. But then again, it was a drawing. When made into a stamp, I am sure that they will be able to modify it to fit onto a toe box.

Well, I am happy to be back writing to all of you. Thank you for your patience in my absence. Tomorrow will bring a bit of my experience in Spain, so be on the look out.

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Picture Above Provide By: The Style Buff
Picture Below: Unknown – Can’t remember where I got it from – but it’s not mine.

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  1. Black Grapefruit – Thanks man, I appreciate it!

    Lance – While the medallion shown is not mine, i thank you for your comment anyway. I won’t show mine until my shoes come out…

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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