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Masaru Okuyama - My New Favorite Japanese Maker

I first came into contact with Masaru Okuyama’s shoes while I was in Paris visiting the Aubercy shop where they were hosting a little corner for Mr. Okuyama in the hopes to spread the name and exceptional work of this young, talented shoemaker. His shoes were simply amazing. No need to try and fluff it up but they were flawlessly beautiful in every sense of the idea, not only in make but design and detail. Take for example this whole cut oxford presented here. While being one of the nicest whole cuts that I have ever laid eyes on, it slightly distinguishes itself by adding a bit brogueing around the border of the tongue. Something so slight and minimal yet intelligently particular and unique.

I really wish that more Japanese RTW companies would sprout up and start becoming offered around the world, as I would dare to say that they could very well take the crown of shoemaking kings should they put their minds to it. Their bespoke work is proof that the ability is there should the passion to do so present itself. From what I have seen of the Perfetto shoes (at least from the pics online), their making seems somewhat reminiscent of EG or at least C&J handgrade, yet they are apparently made in Japan. Let’s just hope that more RTW brands follow suit, hopefully with that talent for design by Mr. Okyuama here, maybe he will source out a Japanese factory and lead the way……in a perfect world I guess!

Masaru Okuyama - My New Favorite Japanese MakerMasaru Okuyama - My New Favorite Japanese Maker

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  1. Edmondo di Robilant

    Kaz Ueki London……..look him up….The best shoemaker EVER! From somebody who has 150 pairs of hand made shoes……!!

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