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I have been a fan of Marc Guyot’s design concepts for a long time now. He was actually one of my first inspirations when becoming ‘The Shoe Snob’ way back when. And since it has been so long since I featured him on the blog, I felt that it was time to get back to my roots and represent some of the things that helped shaped my own personal style and taste in footwear. And what better way to do that than by featuring what I am also known for: mixing leathers with fabrics and bold color combos. And Marc is the King at this! Even more bold and daring than I am. And you can see why with these beautiful asymmetrical monkstraps in this large and bold houndstooth flannel that is simply sublime, to say the least. These recently caught my eye (the below) and then saw the featured image and had to share them with all of the two-tone fanatics out there, like myself.

This model is available as a RTW model in crust leather, but combining the houndstooth with calfskin is a part of their MTO program. That starts at €420 (for this model) and takes around 6 weeks to produce, which is one heck of a quick turnaround time. Not sure how many color variations they have in this houndstooth but I can just imagine all of the cool color combinations

If you have yet to check out Marc Guyot definitely give him a look-up as he has a bunch of other exciting models on offer!

Marc Guyot Website


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