Lovely Bespoke Creations

Lovely Bespoke Creations

Now some of you might be thinking that I just did a post about not liking gussets on shoes, but allow me to clarify, that is was the fact that I don’t like gussets on shoes that have faux laces one them. If it is an intended slip on shoe, then gussets are just fine. Getting that out of the way, allow me to express my appreciation and admiration of this pair of shoes made by one of my friends and makers of G&G. My good friend here is quickly becoming one of the finest and most creative makers that I know, coming up with his own unique patterns (designs) that have slight details on them that leave one pondering in amazement. One detail that probably passed you by is the fact that this shoe has a balmoral line on the inside of the shoe but a quarter and heel counter on the outside….something that you probably did not notice, but something that is quite unique and clever if I must say…. Another nice touch is the reverse patina effect that he created on the leather, bleaching the toes and rest of the shoe from it’s original burgundy color, leaving it much richer in some areas while quite elegantly faded in others….. a beautiful shoe that I tip my hat to!! Well done my friend…

Lovely Bespoke Creations

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