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Hello Fellow Shoe Snobbers!

We are once again reaching out to inform you all about a change of date of the London Super Trunk Show. It will now be postponed until autumn.


This, of course, is all dependent on the situation with the pandemic. If all goes well, we do expect it to hopefully not change again from this new date, and sincerely hope this will be the case. As before, at least two months prior to the event, we will make a final decision, so you will all have time to prepare and book your travel.

The London Super Trunk Show is the world’s largest open event for classic shoes, with more than ten exhibitors from around the globe and with the world championships in shoemaking, shoe shining and shoe patina. The event is organized by myself and Shoegazing Blog.

Taking place on Saturday, Oct 9th at Showcase London, at Regent Street 12.

The shoe exhibitors are Altan Bottier, Bridlen shoes, Catella Shoemaker, CNES Shoemaker, Mori of Shoemakers, Noorman Vilalta, Paolo Scafora, Septieme Largeur, Skolyx/TLB Mallorca and Zeb Shoes.

Also exhibiting are main partner Saphir and partners J.Hopenstand and The Cad and The Dandy.

And last but not least are also Hanger Project, Master Shoemakers and Loake Shoemakers, whom all help sponsor the championship events and make them possible.

Read all about the event here:

Paolo Scafora
Norman Vilalta
Septieme Largeur

5 thoughts on “London Super Trunk Show 2021 – Update”

  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    Heck… fingers crossed here…. Let’s think it will happen at last (and I will be attending…). Good luck, Justin!

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