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The 1st brand that I want to highlight is Norman Vilalta.

Norman’s brand is the only one (besides partners and hosts) that has been with us since the very first Super Trunk Show in 2017 and we are always happy to welcome him. Not only is Norman a personal friend but someone I very much respect as a shoemaker/designer/creator etc. I am not going to lie. I don’t respect brands or individuals that don’t have any ideas of their own and simply make shoes that are copies of others or solely of classic models, but at a cheaper price. But I got a whole lot of time and respect for someone that uses their head, gets creative, takes risks and creates unique pieces of footwear at a good, if not great quality. And Norman is definitely one of the latter individuals and I have always had my support behind him, hoping to see his brand succeed. And he has done just that!

With basically 3 lines of footwear, Norman conquers most facets of the industry with RTW, Bespoke and a blend between the two called his Heritage Collection that is comprised of unique patterns and shoes handmade in his workshop as opposed to the factory that makes his RTW line.

Norman’s success is no doubt down to his unwavering passion for footwear and creating art. It goes beyond the shoes but for him is a way of life. And you see this when you meet him and listen to his ideas and words. He is a great guy and if you have yet to see his shoes, I suggest you come down and check them out!

The London Super Trunk Show 2019 will be held at on Saturday, March 23th, 2019

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  1. Muy linda su colección quisiera saber el precio de las visitas fe invierno soy de Argentina. Gracias saludos cordiales

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