Like Canvas? Like Spectators? Barbanera 'Marinetti' is Your Answer
From Barbanera’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Italia’ collection for S/S17, which is an ode to the times of Totò, Mastroianni and the likes of great Italian cinematography and style alike, we find the Marinetti: a canvas spectator done differently. From sharp curves, diamond shaped caps and brogueing sitting atop eachother, the Marinetti definitely presents something different to your typical canvas spectator. And that is what I love about the Barbanera bros. Aside from being my great friends and great people, they are pushing the boundaries of design by offering subtle details you don’t see elsewhere. And whether you may or may not like it, what has to be appreciated is the fact that they try as where would the world be if no one tried to push the boundaries? ……Once Upon A Time In Italia…..

Like Canvas? Like Spectators? Barbanera 'Marinetti' is Your Answer Like Canvas? Like Spectators? Barbanera 'Marinetti' is Your Answer


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2 thoughts on “Like Canvas? Like Spectators? Barbanera ‘Marinetti’ is Your Answer”

    1. don’t know how I did not catch my error on Mastroianni….wrote the post very fast without double checking I guess

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