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Swiss shoemaker, Le Major Dome, definitely does design differently. And we all know how much I appreciate that. And one aspect of that idea is their boot design, which is very much unlike other class welted shoemakers. And as many of you will also know, I am very much a boot guy so always appreciate seeing new ideas of how to execute this very important part of the shoe industry!

The highlighted boot (at the very top) is probably my favorite of them all but they are all uniquely interesting and appealing. There are not too many actual “classic” shoes that LMD (as they are known in a short manner) does as each model has a very stromg twist to it but designed with classic shoe design at heart. Thats what I love about them. But that is also what is amazing about shoe design. Using an existing base and having a small amount of creativity and desire to make things differently one can easily conjure up something unique, as LMD so easily shows.

If you haven’t heard of LMD, I sincerely suggest you check out their work, even outside of these boots. Especially if you are someone like me who appreciates something ‘different.’ I promise, they won’t disappoint!

6 thoughts on “Le Major Dome – Boots with a Swiss Twist”

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Can you leave a screenshot Ted as they come in regular size for me. Most settings are down to the persons device

  1. Great to see my favorite shoes on the blog. They have very bold designs. The people being LMD are truly fantastic. Their shop in Zurich is just great.

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