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There are just 3days left to take advantage of our current GMTO offers.

All models are close to hitting the 6 mark to ensure they are made with the appealing 20% discount so now is your chance to take advantage of this offer.

Other things to remember are that we offer from UK5 – UK12 with half sizes in between but also in our standard ‘E’ width and wider ‘F’ width.
Things to Remember with GMTO

  1. We need a minimum of 6 purchases per model to clear the threshold for allowing the GMTO price to take place
  2. All GMTOs will come as seen in the photos and described in the facts. There cannot be any modifications made to the model
  3. All GMTOs take up to 4??months from the date that the offer ends, i.e.?Sept 17th. We always strive to make things faster but can never guarantee it
  4. All orders of models that do not reach the minimum threshold will be refunded on?Sept 18th.

As always please do not hesitate to email for any questions you might have.

Please email?

Have a great weekend,

Justin FitzPatrick

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