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Chinese shoemaker Gordon Wang aka Jim & Jun Shoemaker has recently launched a new series of shoes dubbed the ‘Artist Series,’ whereby he created 3 very unique models and made a play on a color-scheme that he often uses as the backdrop to his shoe photos. And I love it! This is exactly the type of thing I look forward to seeing from shoemakers, as it truly shows creativity, boldness and a strong step away from ‘following the crowd.’

It will be hard to imagine something cooler dropping in 2021 than these shoes. Naturally, I am somewhat biased, as black and red is the color scheme of this blog and my footwear aesthetic for the models that helped inspire me in my career. And also, because I made myself several shoes in black with red trim. But what I really love in this series, outside of the color choice, is the complete one-of-a-kind single monkstrap that he designed. That thing is next-level cool and unique. So much so that I am envious of that the fact that I did not design it myself. Well done Gordon for that one! I can only imagine the number of cool color combinations that could be created with that model.

There is not a ton of information on this line other than the photos on Instagram, so I imagine that ordering a pair will simply be via email or DM. They have some incredibly competitive prices on offer, so do make sure to enquire if you are interested as they might be less costly than they look!

And hopefully, Gordon will produce some more cool projects though his Jim&Jun brand.



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