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At long last, here is the shoe line that many of you have been waiting for!! I thank all of those that have been supporting the dream since day one and I also thank those that put in their pre-orders. I am excited to get them on the shelves of Gieves & Hawkes, No.1 Savile Row and consequently on all of your feet! Stay tuned, as March is just around the corner!

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”



Last TMG, dark brown plain-toe suede semi-brogue with medallion, leather sole


Last JKF, Plain toe semi-brogue with medallion, leather sole

Black Box Calf:

 Antiqued Mid-Brown Calf (vocalou), Snuff suede:

Last JKF, Wholecut with wingtip brogueing, leather soles

Black Box Calf:

Deep Merlot Calf (vocalou calf):

Forest Green Calf (Crust):


Last TMG, Triple stitch cap toe oxford, leather soles

Maple Calf (vocalou):

Black Box Calf:

Antiqued Mid-Brown Calf (vocalou):

Last TMG, saddle brogue, leather soles

Black Box Calf:

Chocolate Box Calf:

Burgundy Calf (crust):

Grey Calf (vocalou):

Last JKF, two toned plain toe saddle, triple stitching, leather soles….my signature shoe!

Black Box Calf, Red Calf (crust)


Last JKF, Two tone derby with piping, leather soles

Dark Navy Calf, Red piping (Crust):

Last JKF, Two eyelet derby, leather soles

Black Box Calf:

Maple Calf (vocalou):

Monk Strap:

Last TMG, balmoral double monk strap, leather soles

Navy Calf (crust), Navy suede:


Last TMG, Plain-Toe Balmoral oxford boot, leather soles

Black Box Calf, Vivid Blue Suede:

Deep Merlot Calf (vocalou), Charcoal Suede:

Antiqued Mid-Brown Calf (vocalou), Denim (metal eyelets):

Last TMG, Scotch Grain Chukka Boot, Rubber Soles, Detachable Fringes

Black Scotch Grain:

Tan Scotch Grain:

Last JKF, Dark Brown Suede Chukka Boot, Leather sole, detachable fringe:


Last TMG, wholecut loafer with medallion, leather soles:

Black Box Calf:

Burgundy Calf (crust):

Chocolate Box Calf:

Last MCF, Penny loafer with long strap, leather soles

Charcoal suede, black box calf strap:

Dark brown suede, dark brown scotch grain:



Last JKF

Last TMG

 Last MCF looks just like the others


Brown Rubber Sole

Black Rubber Sole

Shoes prices range from £305-£350 and will be available exclusively from Gieves & Hawkes No.1 Savile Row as well as their online webstore, from March 2013.

All photography done by Mr. Harry Watts —

19 thoughts on “J.FitzPatrick Shoe Range”

  1. You have caused me an issue. Some I didn’t like looking at your prototypes previously but seeing them like this… Different story.

    Think I will be spending quite a while gieves in a couple of months. Sorry in advance.. I maybe taking up quite a lot of your time when I come to purchase.

  2. They look outstanding Justin; I want them all. I fear none will fit so I will wait until I can try them on. But these are good enough to make some kind of surgery tempting!

  3. Big congratulations.
    Well done.
    As I find myself financially strapped this January I doubt I’ll get to purchase anything at the moment. The Stefano looks great, as does that Forest Green Tony.

  4. Hi Justin, congratulations!


    For those of us living in London, would there be a way to try on a pair before purchase? Definitely thinking of grabbing a pair of the Stefano’s 😉

  5. Most tempted by the Shilshole.
    Unluckily I guess I’d be a 6 or 6.5 in your shoes, which you do not offer at the moment.
    Will you do so in the future?

  6. Hi Mr. Shoe Snob,

    Wow, I have no words. I am stunned. Beautiful shoes. Need some time to go through them and decide which is my favourite. Well done Mr. FitzPatrick.

    I am informing friends to check your shoes out. Hope some of them will purchase a pair or two.

    Alain De Rothenburg.

  7. Justin,

    Congratulations! Though I don’t comment much, I always enjoy reading your posts and have been following your journey. Your line looks wonderful – the Stefano’s are HOT! You deserve success, and I wish you much of it.


  8. Great lineup. Slightly smarting that 13’s are off the menu because a Wedgwood/Stefano would have been a fab combo.

    Best of luck!

  9. Peter – Thank you sir!

    Adam Jones – glad to hear that you have come around to liking some of my shoes….no worries in advance…will look forward to meeting you in person then soon

    John – Thank you!!

    Alex B – Thanks Alex, let’s just hope that you will fit them!

    Laurence – I appreciate that Laurence! Thank you!

    Simon – thank you sir! Unfortunately before the pre-ordering ends, not it’s not possible unless you are size UK8 as that is all that I have….This shoes won’t actually arrive until late February….but you can always come try them on at the launch party….

    Jan – Should I become a success with more money in the bank account, then yes, I will carry more sizes in the future… Glad that you like one.

    Alain De Rothenburg – Thank you for your kind words my friend, I really do appreciate them!! Thanks for the referrals too!!

    Rafael – Thank you sir, I appreciate that!!

    KeaLani – That’s very kind of you to say, and I do appreciate how long you have been supporting my blog and my cause!

    Anon – ahhhh, sorry my friend…hopefully soon, I will be able to offer a bit more depth to my sizing….Thanks for the kind words however!


  10. Hi Justin,
    It’s been great to follow your path in making your dreams come through. Thank you for sharing all this, I’ll be following your future ventures as well.
    That’s a nice collection, and I can’t help but wish you all the success in your life.
    Cheers mate!

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