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Getting a company up and running may be just one of the most difficult things in the world, particularly when there are products involved that have to be produced by someone else. Naturally, being naive, you may somewhat underestimate the amount of time that it takes to actually even begin (as I have) which will then set you up for a crash course in zen-like patience, as you twiddle your thumbs each day waiting for that email/call telling you that your products are done. This is what I am going through now; counting the days, the minutes, the seconds until I have my finalized prototypes in my hands, which will then allow me to go sell them to the world, and even better yet, see them on other people’s feet. It’s amazing to even think about the possibility of that coming to fruition. But until this point, I am here, trying to sort the things out that I am working on, e.g. The Shoe Snob website (not blog) where I will then sell all of my accessories off of as well as offer shoe-related services. Planning, planning, planning and then executing is what my days consist of… So when I do see a shoe here or there, you can imagine how excited I become, as that feeling of progression takes over and fills me with joy!

(Colors most accurate from these two photos below)

As you can see, there are two new shoes here, both of which are in my size for trial wearing. Just in case some of you may be wondering what that means, it is intended so that I can test my shoes to make sure that the last and patterns are right, the width is good and everything functions like a proper shoe. For these trial pairs, I chose color options that might not be put into production, but gives me a good idea of how they would look. The cap-toe model in suede is the same pattern as the tan cap-toe (pictured way below) that I first released pictures of. The other shoe is an example of the 3rd last that I will be using, a more pointed one originating from the shape of my bespoke models (although not as pointy). Looking at it you will also see my very own medallion that I will be using for my first collection. However, it’s still a bit rough around the edges and needs some minute detailing in order for it to be finalized (such as making sure that holes are not missing, as one is!).

While I still can’t put a date on when my shoes will be ready for sale, I can at least hope to say that my prototypes will be ready for action by no later than April. But after they are ready, then begins the tough stuff, like working out all of the financial details and the tedious things such as boxes and what will come with each pair of shoes purchased. It’s all a very long process, one that sometimes leaves me drained and feeling that it will never end and I will be forever “trying” to start my shoe line. While I know that this is not actually the case, as I am so close to my end goal, the anticipation of it all, from years of envisioning, makes each day get harder and harder. But what makes it easier is the people like you (the readers), who give me that imaginary pat on the back, supporting me the entire way. Thank you for the support and I hope that you enjoy the process and my new test shoes.

(The other prototypes, just to have them all on one page)

6 thoughts on “J. FitzPatrick Shoe Line Progression”

  1. I must say I love the last on the suede/leather model. A nice blend of classic and contemporary.

    The medallion is a really nice design, maybe just without the final dot right on the very tip?! That’s just my opinion though.

    For boxes, please have something nice. I always keep my shoes in their boxes, and my Cheaney shoes (which are very lovely shoes) come in very cheap boxes, and it really does take something away from the class of the shoes. 🙁

    It’s looking like a very unique collection. Well done.

  2. All the best with your venture. If you need some help (shoe boxes sourcing, website creation), please do not hesite to ask me, I could provide you with some links and contacts.

    As you said, this will be a very long process before selling your own collection, but this is worth it.

  3. OwenB – I think that you are right about the medallion, it could do without that last hole and possibly being set a little lower because of that. Thanks for that! Boxes I will do my best with, you tend to need to match your box with your shoes’ retail price point, so I can’t get too fancy, but will not make them cheap either. Some boxes look nice but then break apart easy, so looks aren’t everything, I prefer durability. Glad that you enjoying the range. Thanks for letting me know!

    Pierre – thanks for the support sir! I know it will be worth it, it’s just so hard being so patient when you are so excited, as I am sure that you know!!


  4. Love the clean elegant Bal line. Even though I’m typically more of a Derby person, because it is (to me) more comfortable during the day as the feet is a bit swollen. Please continue to provides us all with updates.

  5. I am so happy for you that you are coming so close to your goal. I am waiting in anticipation for your shoes line. Good luck with everything and wishing you all the best!

  6. Ike – Thanks for the comment Ike, I appreciate it. Will keep you all updated! You are all my inspiration, as cheesy as it sounds. My readers give me the strength (during times of self-doubt) to push on!

    Anon – Thank you very much. Even though I don’t know who you are, words like that our always very encouraging to hear!


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