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J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!

The A/W stock to my footwear line, J.FitzPatrick Footwear, has finally arrived! For this season I have stepped out of the classic dress shoe type and finally realized a shoe that I have always wanted but had never found one that really struck me and that is the classic Alpine boot. Calling it the Snoqualmie and naming after a ski resort/mountain in Washington (my home state), the purpose of the design was to try and keep the rugged look of the boot, but somehow slim it down a touch. I did so by not having such a massive toe box on it and using a last that was not too voluminous either. That being, it’s use is not so much intended for proper hiking in the mountains but more for wearing in the city with the same socks you might wear with your dress shoes. But it does have a double sole and a storm welt so it’s also meant to endure the rough weather!

I hope that you all enjoy it as well as the rest of the new models and I wish you all a great weekend!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!
The Rainier in Shaded Navy/Denim
J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!
The Tacoma in Black calf/Black suede
J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!
The Greenwood in Black Suede
J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!
The Wedgwood in Black calf/Blackwatch Tartan
J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!
The Holman in Tan Scotch Grain
J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!
The Fremont II in Bitter Chocolate Suede
J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!
The Snoqualmie in Rugged Brown (oil tanned leather)
J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!
The Snoqualmie in Black Scotch Grain



12 thoughts on “J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!”

  1. great new looks and loving the shout outs to the PNW! i’m a big fan of your shoes and hope to wear a pair one day.

    (from seattle)

  2. Dear Justin FitzPatrick,
    Your Snoqualmie shoes have that perfect balance between rugged and dressy. I particularly admire your choice of shoelaces. It so happens I’m looking for shoelaces with similar sheen, width and color as the brown shoelaces of the left pair of shoes in the first picture of this post. Can you direct me to where I might buy one or two pairs of shoelaces of this sort?

  3. love the Tacoma … but like so many of the models you show, I’m puzzled about how to polish the shoes with suede or fabric elements adjacent to the leather, where I’d like to build and care for a well-polished look … perhaps a separate blog posting on this element of shoe care: so many beautiful designs, but – as an experienced shoe polisher, with many pairs over 10-15 years old, I’m at a loss on how to protect the non-leather element from polish ‘over-spill’ … please advise … and many thanks for a great site!

    1. thanks for the kind words. I am glad to hear that you enjoy my shoes. In all honesty, the key is simply being careful. There are no tricks or anything. One could tape the non-leather bits but that sometimes leaves its own negative reaction…. it’s really just about being observant of where you are polishing

  4. I like Justin’s shoes and have bought a couple myself, the issue I’ve found though is that for circa £300 you can get better quality shoes elsewhere. Meermin although cheaper is of similar quality and Carmina about the same price and is IMHO significantly better quality. I won’t even begin to draw comparisons with Vass. Anyway, I guess what we are paying a premium for is the (presumably) smaller run of shoes and his ‘design’ input.

  5. I like how you pay homage with your names for the shoes . Beautiful designs as well, I will definitely be buying some for my husband !

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