It’s All About the Hero Shot!

It's All About the Hero Shot!
J.FitzPatrick Tony model in Black and Merlot

I have really been starting to learn just how important photography is for a product company. The idea of the products being good is simply not enough, unless of course your brand recognition is so strong that word of mouth is capable of selling your product by itself. But for those of us small-timers, in order to build a presence (particularly on the web) not only do you need high quality photography, but you need captivating photography. Working my way up to the e-commerce site for my shoes (hopefully launching in March) and realizing how good it needed to be in order for other companies (i.e. journalistic entities) to want to link it when they write about me, I realized that the e-commerce site for my accessories was also going to need a revamp.

The thing is though, while product companies (that sell online) usually need photography that is plain-jane on a white background (or something similar) it is my belief that the “Hero” shot is what really wins people over. It puts the product into real life perspective and not just on a soulless platform for you to see every angle of it. As trivial as that sounds, it’s often overlooked. But in reality the company needs both: the hero shot and the white background. So as you can see here, this is my attempt at sprucing up my hero shots for the colorful laces that I offer on Not only will I be adding more hero shots but also giving it a cleaner look, while at the same time maintaining it’s simplistic layout and thus not trying to overcomplicate it. Hopefully you will all enjoy the new sites once they launch!

Remember that for those of you who wish to find me or see the shoes, I am starting at Timothy Everest at 32 Elder st. E1, London from Monday onwards. Hope to see you there!

It's All About the Hero Shot!

It's All About the Hero Shot!
J.FitzPatrick Wallingford with orange laces


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  1. Always, my friend. I learnt that lesson years back when I was still shooting my shoes with a point a shoot and garnered some nasty comments here and there.

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