Interesting Shoes – Close But No Cigar

Interesting Shoes - Close But No Cigar

When you try too hard, the end result usually does not come out quite right. For me, this Giuliano Fujiwara shoe represents just that. I mean, the upper paired with the Norwegian stitching was absolutely amazing, but then he had to completely ruin it by adding some chunky-ass, looking sole. Maybe I missed the memo, but to me just don’t go great with 2-inch (5 cm) platform, white-cushioned !! Had this had a normal or even rubber type of sole, it might have been ranked No.1 in my top of 2011. It was even pebble-!! How cool is that: BLUE….PEBBLE-GRAIN…….LEATHER!!! It’s tough, but I can at least thank Mr. Fujiwara for the idea of the upper. Colored pebble-grain will now be something I look to make. CLOSE…..BUT…..NO CIGAR!!!

Picture Courtesy Of: The Shoe Buff

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