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Maybe I am confused by what I see online and what is truly reality but from a perspective of how often I see blue shoes now versus how often I used to, say 3 years ago, I really feel like they are becoming more ‘normal.’ My egotistical side likes to think that I had a part of that as I have been hammering into the head of whoever reads my blog that blue shoes are good and are not any different than wearing an ostentatious overly bright orange-tan colored shoe. Yet the so called rules of society and how the collective perceive the “idea” of how one “should” dress have been governing the masses for far too long. But I feel like the masses are finally starting to open their eyes to what is really real: i.e. that style is not dictated by rules but rather by confidence, a sharp eye, proper fit of your clothing and good tailoring. And of course let’s not forget nice shoes!

So while the man 5 years ago might have shown a circle of black shoes, here is one of blue shoes. And when I saw that, I was like, ‘YES!’, a man who thinks like me! Therefore, the more we go outside of what is perceived to be the ‘norm’ the more that others will follow suit and the more that there will be no more ‘norm.’ Because after all, why should we be dictated on our appearance providing that we are always smart and well kept?

Picture courtesy of Style Forum

All shoes by Gaziano & Girling

5 thoughts on “Blue Shoes Are Now The Norm”

  1. I’m afraid that despite working at a University with a lot of dapper/stylish/fashionable young men, I’ve only seen other other person (than me) rocking shoes that aren’t black, brown, tan or burgundy, lots of trainers in all the colours of the rainbow, but leather shoes – not so much!

  2. Beautiful shoes. What is the price range please? Where would I be able to purchase blue, mustard and burgundy?



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