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Indonesia is making a lot of noise in the shoemaking scene as of late. There are so many brands, in fact, that it is hard to keep up with all of them. One that I recently discovered, thanks to Instagram, is Txture. They appear to specialize in an Americana style of shoemaking, and look, but with a touch of added flair through their use of bi-coloring, honey-colored lightweight platform soles, white stitching, and fringes.

I wont lie and say that I am a fan of Americana because truth be told, I am not. I only liked plaid shirts when I was about 10, listening to Nirvana and having a very short run at being a skateboarder. I don’t go into the wilderness, even though I would love to. But if I did, I wouldn’t wear Red Wings or anything similar. And I wear skinny jeans and fitted clothing. All opposite of the idea of Americana. But these broke the mold for me and caught my eye because they are not just another company trying to copy Alden or Redwing. Their inspiration comes from them but it is clear that they have their owj ideas on how to intrepret the “Americana lok” and thats what I appreciated about them.

And now I am trying to think how I can complement a pair of these bad boys with my skinny jeans!

Supposedly handmade (I cannot verify it) at $200-$300 they seem to be a great option. I will see if I can get a pair of unboxing and review as I would be curious to finally see a pair of Indonesian made shoes/boots. In the meanwhile if you want to order a pair,n follow the link below

7 thoughts on “Indonesian Americana – Txture”

  1. im an indonesian my self, still saving for my 2nd pair of boot. Im a fan of a slim brown plain captoe, because my feets are slim with low instep. Im craving for carlos santos, crockett and jones shilluotte but the import tax is very ridiculuosly high and they dont have any shop here. So MTO from local brands is come to my mind, cz i cant get toscana shell cordovan boots for 350 dollar (local leathers are suck) but still doubt that they cant replicate the europe boot sillouhette cz most of their models kind of voluminous and clunky. So i hope you have the same interest as me and im looking foward for your mto result sir..

  2. Your disdain for unstylish “Americana” is why I love your blog. Even Reddit’s forums is full of Americana, it gets annoying. It can be stylish and exceed expectations, but it usually needs visionaries behind them such as Tom Ford (American designer). I even got harness boots from SLP, because it’s designer Hedi adapted this Americana motorcycle boot it in a different light.

    What most people call Americana, Is 1950s heritage at best, and Americana can and should evolve. Even pieces of Ralph Lauren have made it evolve from one-size fits all to more fitting. Brooks Brothers and RL do make a few of their shoes in Europe, with American styling. This is Americana done right. It should evolve.

  3. I ordered a pair of custom shoes from Txture using their foot measurement guidelines as I’ve done for other custom made shoes- I’m a size 47/48
    Paid and waited
    They arrived
    Look fabulous except heel stacked abut high
    but shoes looked oddly small
    I emailed stating …They don’t fit at all
    No reply until I said I would give negative reviews
    They said take out foot cushions
    I’ve asked for a refund
    No reply
    This is deeply disappointing
    So I would not recommend this
    Big foot

  4. I think i have the same experience with david , I bought one of their shoes and using their measurements guidelines after months of waiting the shoes came up way bigger than my size 2CM gap , was disappointed as i’m very picky on shoe , i chatted them on IG they just read no reply but im ok I realized that next time I should have spent it on well established brand .

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you for sharing. Same thing happened to me. Seems like their sizing capabilities are not so good.

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