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Sometimes your suede shoes can get a bit rough looking, especially after one too many outings to the pub/restaurant/events etc. Without letting them get too far gone all you have to do to spruce them up is sacrifce about 5-10 mins of your spare time using household products to get them in top notch. This is not a major refurbishment video though but rather a quick sprucing up video, which if we all did after wearing our suede shoes, would allow them to last much longer and look much better.

Suede is not as fragile as we are lead to believe, only that we often don’t do what it takes to maintain it. So, if you fancy keeping your suede shoes looking good, invest in a steam iron and a suede brush and that alone will keep them looking better than just allowing them to go by the wayside.

2 thoughts on “How to Restore Your Suede Shoes – Video”

  1. Which style of suede brush works best?

    Traditionally I’ve seen them as brushes but with metal bristles that always (conceptually at least) seemed too harsh. More recently crepe brushes seem to be becoming more common but the brush in the video appears to either be something else or if it is metal bristles then much finer ones.


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