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First and foremost, I would like to wish all that celebrate, a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was always my favorite holiday, mainly because I literally got all of my family into one room (one part of it that is, my mother’s is mainly in Mexico) and secondly because the food was a treat. My great grandparents made the most amazing gravy and I would drizzle it onto my whole plate…..the good ‘ol days. And as sad as it is, I haven’t celebrated it since living in Europe (i.e. for 8 years now), which always made me bummed out. But tonight I am!!

Onto the shoes, I saw these Edward Green boots on Leffot’s instagram and was quite intrigued by all of the unique details going on. Not only was it a lovely shade of suede, but I liked the strap detail being a different leather and texture but also the use of that caramel colored rubber sole. To be really honest, I probably wouldn’t wear this boot though, but aesthetically I really enjoy it. I appreciate the thought that went into making it as these small details have to be painted in one’s head without knowing how it will actually come out. That takes vision and that is what I appreciate. Seeing people’s creations (i.e. bespoke or MTO shoes) always fascinates me, even if I wouldn’t wear what they create it’s just great to see ideas coming to fruition!e


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