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If you start to pay attention to shoes, you will notice that many brands apron stitches on the vamp are quite standardized in shape and proportion to the last. Therefore most aprons are the same. But not Saint Crispins who does all kinds of shapes, designs and sizes of hand stitched aprons on the vamp. For example their†typical apron stitch on their loafer (as highlighted) always comes with a shorter apron, which I actually find extremely suiting to the last and model. Yet, I had never really see anybody else do that unless it was a short apron on a split toe by Santoni or another Italian maker. And then their split toes come in all shapes and lengths as you can see. And even more so. they have given a new shape to the U-cap, squaring it off at the corners.

It’s nice to see people doing things differently and attempting new ways to make classic models. It doesn’t always come out great, but I love the short apron on the loafer and their super long split toe on the derby

2 thoughts on “Hand Sewn Aprons by Saint Crispins”

  1. doing the apron on the vamp on one piece of leather is more hardcore and what most bespoke makers do. Stitching pieces together is usually done on boat shoes and driving loafers, not proper dress shoes

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