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So this week my friend Christian and I decided to do some blog post swapping to give each other’s readers some different content. Our theme of choice was of course shoes and we wanted to share what our essentials were, our go-to shoes. Being that I am American and Christian is British, it is interesting to see the differences in our tastes and essential shoes styles, yet also intriguing to see how two similar people can have different necessities based on culture and upbringing. So here, you will see Christians choices and to view mine you will have to go to Christian’s STYLE SAGE blog

Christian’s Words:

As a fellow shoe obsessive, Justin and I seem to have a lot in common, spending lunches talking about different styles, colored soles and various factories. Shoes are important; I don’t need to tell you if you are reading this site. Our discussion led to what shoes I feel I could not live without, a pair that every man needs. Perhaps a desert island disc for shoes. So in no particular order, here is what one should start with.

A Pair of Boots

Living in London I often find the need for boots, as the possibility of instant rain is always upon us. What you might realise is this pair are suede, so not ideal for harsh conditions. My other boots are in a bit of terrible state following the winter snow and have been up in the polish me section of my wardrobe. I therefore decided to let this Johphur pair represent the boots. Perfect to be worn with a jean or chino, or even a tailored trouser, I would advise grey flannel.

The Tassel Loafer

The Tassel loafer is the perfect shoe to translate from casual to business wear. Ive spent a long time looking for the ideal tassel loafer. People look at your shoes every time they meet you, don’t let anyone tell you loafers are for loafing, you can wear them with a suit, specific rules are meant to be broken. A shoe for a warmer climate.

A Pair of lace-ups

My third choice would be a decent pair of lace-ups. Be it a cap toe, whole cut, oxford, every gentleman needs a beautifully crafted variation of this in his wardrobe. Ideally it should versatile enough to wear with tailoring and on the other hand with jeans on those casual weekend pursuits.

My words:

There you go! While my shoes are indeed a little different, they are quite similar as well. I can say that I give my absolute thumbs-up to all of Christians shoes and am even quite jealous about those boots!

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