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Greg Park – The History

Stationed inside our new shop (J.FitzPatrick Footwear) at 101 Thompson St (Soho, NYC) is a full patina service provided by our friend Greg Park aka Hancore. For those that do not know, Greg Park has a long history in the arts, starting off like many patina artists as a painter (not walls, but art 🙂 later became one of the world’s respected patina masters.

He was one of the first artists to work for the French shoe brand, JM Legazel where he studied under Jean Marie (the JM) for several years before becoming one of his master patina artists that then taught the subsequent workers that came after him. Working with JM LeGazel brought him to the States whereby he eventually branched out on his own, offering more services than just shoe dyeing and now has a strong business patina’ing pretty much any leather good you can think of.

We always wanted to have a patina service to complement our niche footwear and Greg’s skills and service was a perfect fit for the both of us! We hope that you think so too!

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The Service

Greg can pretty much patina anything that is leather, whether that is a pair of dress shoes, Nike’s, wallets to large travel bags and leather jackets. There is nothing he cannot do in terms of adding color and patina to a product in order to transform it into a piece of art. You can see that in these photos.

Being that this is his service simply within our space, his offering is extended to any brand of any kind, not limited to J.FitzPatrick products, nor limited to having to be in NYC to utilize the service.

However, for those that want to utilize it on J.FitzPatrick products, we have implemented it onto our site as an add-on feature to nearly all Ready to Wear products (the exception being black shoes that you cannot patina).

Directly on the product page of both the JF and J.FitzPatrick Lines‘ models, when selecting your size, you can also select to add a custom patina to that same shoe (see below for example). We will soon add this feature for all MTO footwear as well.

On top of that, in the MTO section (and below) you can see 17 models available now as MTO purchases with patina. You can select those as is and change any sole, last, or other small detail you wish.

The price of the patina will be determined by the color/material of the shoe. You can read more about this on the site, under Patina Service

The sky is the limit for what patina you can choose but we do share some examples for you to choose from, which can also be found on that patina page, as well as shown below.

When placing an order for patina, we will either email you to confirm your selection (which you can place in the notes of the cart) or you can send us an email indicating what you want. The email for this is:

Here are 17 examples of what we have as inspiration patinas for your shoes, for JF shoes or for purchasing these exact models if you love the combination enough. There are many more that can be created. This is only the tip of the iceberg on what can be achieved and what you have the option to choose from.

And remember, when purchasing MTO models, a 10% discount is automatically taken off when payment is made upfront. This also applies to these patina MTO models.

6 thoughts on “Greg Park Patina – New York City”

  1. I’ve a pair of rather pricy Pravda shoes with leather puffing up, almost like breaking out in pimples, when worn on a rainy day. It then takes time for leather to settle down so to speak but rain drop marks stay visible until polishing. Will a patina solve that particular problem.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      No patina wont cure that. That just happens on some leathers when excess moisture hits the leather. Patina can help fix any potential water marks ornstains though the leather might have because of the moisture

      1. Thank you. Is this then some kind of defective leather used in expensive shoes. Is there any way to fix it.

        1. Justin FitzPatrick

          No I believe it just happens to certain leathers that were tanned a certain way. This has happened on some of the most expensive leather out there. No way to fix it per se but maybe using that spray that supposedly allows the water to just run down your shoes and not penetrate the surface. But all leather can blister, as it is called, depending on how much moisture it is exposed to

          1. Thank you again. I think it’s terrible expensive leather does that. It’s not a pretty sight.

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