Go Bold or Go Home!

It would appear that the world is becoming a bit more brave. You know this when one of the most classic and conservative brands in the world, i.e. Brooks Brothers, starts doing two toned shoes. Even more surprising and greatful to see is the fact that the other tone is not even a leather but rather a nice tartan cloth. While I know that many of the shoe brands out there read the blog, and might hopefully gain inspiration from it, seeing things like this almost makes me think, “does BB read the blog too?! Nah, don’t get ahead of yourself!!” But hey if they did that would be cool!! Either way, I am just happy to see these shoes and even more so the other one that they did that uses the same blackwatch tartan that I have on my Rainier model (see above, right). We are getting there folks, to a day where day where navy dress shoes would be accetable in the workplace and its thanks to all of you that are pushing the boundaries of the norm!! Lets keep it up!


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