We all know how much of a sucker I am for Butterfly loafers. So much so that I think that I have around 20 pairs of them. If not more. No joke. And it is good to see that this classic London model is taking the industry by storm. I have a prediction that within 5 years, most brands will offer a version of one, much like a cap toe oxford. It seems to be the next ‘classic’ style that will accompany everyone’s core offering.

I have been intrigued by this new version of it whereby the bottom part of the straps are pointed instead of the classically round style the original design incorporated. I cannot recall who I first see do this more aggressive version of the butterfly band but since coming to the public arena has been now mimicked by many and for good reason. Here CNES offers their version of one in Goat Suede and with extending full straps. A very cool yet casual style version. Easily worn with jeans and the like, I can see this being a big hit for them.


At the moment, it is labeled as a GMTO but you can order it freely at what appears to be a discounted RTW price of $183 USD. I could be wrong but that is what it shows and you can add it to your cart no problem, even though the GMTO period has ended on it. I believe that as they do not require minimum orders they simply treat it as a version of MTO and make it in around 2 months or so. This is what it appears to be on the site but in case I am always wrong email them up first.

Let’s hope that they make this new model in some other colorways soon!

Grab your pair here: www.cnes.co


4 thoughts on “Goat Suede Butterfly Loafers by CNES Shoemaker”

  1. Thanks, Justin. I ordered them online, and I just received the shipment. They look amazing!

    My only issue is the fit. It feels really snug right now, and I am told they should take a bit of time to break in. Hopefully it does, and it won’t be an issue then.

    Thanks again!

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