George Cleverley Grey Brogues…..Watch Out Now!

George Cleverley Grey Brogues.....Watch Out Now!

I once wrote an article on the blog in regards to grey shoes becoming the new black. While I still very much believe that we are going to start seeing more grey used in classic footwear companies, looking back at it now, I think that I had jumped the gun with my time frame. But it is refreshing to see such a prestigious and classic company such as George Cleverley producing such a classic shoe in a grey color, as for me it looks amazing. It’s not ostentatious by any means and looks to me like a shoe that could easily be worn in a professional environment underneath a nice blue suit. And when I say that grey shoes are going to start becoming a bit more prevalent in the high end shoe industry, I believe that they will particularly be done in full brogue models such as this. Not only have I done one for my upcoming collection (of which I will show soon) but I have also seen another really nice one by another Spanish company that I have yet to put up on the blog (but will do next Monday). So, full brogues and the color grey = the new black! And this time, it should really start happening….it better!

George Cleverley Grey Brogues.....Watch Out Now!

3 thoughts on “George Cleverley Grey Brogues…..Watch Out Now!”

  1. Hey Justin,

    I totally agree with you, I bought a pair of Green’s in Slate Grey and it quite refreshing and a change from my collection of black shoes!


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