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Dear Readers,
There is always a first for everything and that first is now here for the three brands involved in this collaborative sample sale that is to take place on August 21st-23rd, 2014 here in London.

I am quite excited to have this sale, but I feel for those of you outside London that can’t make it. And unfortunately none of the brands involved will be selling to online customers prior/during the sale. I am sorry.

If there is anything leftover on my end, I will do my best to get it on offer here on The Shoe Snob for those of you whom wish to have a J.FitzPatrick shoe but might not be able to justify the retail price tag. Maybe I can talk to G&G about doing the same. No promises though for their inclusion…..

And for those of you whom have always wanted a G&G shoe, well now is your chance to get it at bottom dollar! (FYI, not all the G&G shoes will be 250, but there will be a good few there at that price)

Look forward to seeing those that come!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


10 thoughts on “Gaziano & Girling x J.FitzPatrick x Timothy Everest = Sample Sale!!”

    1. You are right, most samples are uk8. But the idea of a “Sample Sale” no longer means what it used to. Samples sales are just a mix of old stock, some samples, some seconds, some technical mistake shoes etc its a way to flush out dead weight stock and appease those who want cheaper pricing

  1. Fantastic, I love these things. My bank balance less so! fingers crossed for some shoes my size when I am able to get there!

  2. Hi Justin,
    Thanks for the heads up. What are the price tiers that we can expect at this sale? It would be helpful to have an idea of which models will be selling at which prices beforehand so I can have a think about what I might be interested in buying. Best of luck for the sale itself, it goes without saying that it’ll be a well-deserved success for all your hard work!

  3. All the best for the event!
    BTW you can feel for me… I won’t be able to be in London on those days. ..

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