Gaziano & Girling Graffiti

Gaziano & Girling Graffiti

I have always loved Graffiti. But I am not talking about amateur tagging or that rubbish you see splattered all over the place, by teenagers. I am talking about proper graffiti i.e. murals or tagging that actually takes skill, as real graffiti is an art and thus created by artists. Thomas Kalflo, who is the one that masterfully creates the patinas you see on G&G shoes, is also an artist that can draw anything and by the looks of it has mastered graffiti as well. When it comes to creating art with pen/brush there is nothing Thomas cannot do and shows it here as he combines his love of graffiti with patina. And even if you would never wear this, it would be nearly impossible not to appreciate it!

Gaziano & Girling Graffiti Gaziano & Girling Graffiti Gaziano & Girling Graffiti Gaziano & Girling Graffiti Gaziano & Girling Graffiti Gaziano & Girling Graffiti Gaziano & Girling Graffiti

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  1. Nice one, Justin. I say it takes a real connoisseur to appreciate Thomas Kalflo’s art. Personal preference and taste set aside, the artistry (or what some say “idiotic, brainless scribbling”) and the quality craftsmanship that went into these pairs of G&G can never be dismissed. Vincent Van Gogh’s work was never appreciated when he was alive. Look at his art now. I would not dismiss Thomas Kalflo’s art so easily. And then there’s Banksy. I wonder why there’s even a debate on Banksy if everything were just brainless scribbling.

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