For those that have not yet seen, Gaziano & Girling have not updated their website, offering an all-in-one package. Now you can find not only their amazing blog, but also access to buying their products online, something that I am sure many of you have been waiting for. It’s a lovely site that gives you a lot more insight into the company, the employees and what’s going on in, i.e. events, trunk shows etc… Do check it out, browse the shoe porn of a blog that they have, and if you are feeling like treating yourself for the holidays, buy the ever so lovely Rothschild in Vintage Oak, which is probably my favorite brown full brogue of all time….

Anyway, I just thought that I would share this with all of you that have yet to find it. I cannot write a lot today, as I am about to be off on a big Christmas Eve Brunch! I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas (for those that celebrate) and will be back in full effect on the 28th. Don’t worry however, I will give a few blips and blurps here and there before then. The eBay shop and the shine stands will all be closed until the 28th, just to let you all know.

Happy Holidays!!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

3 thoughts on “Gaziano & Girling Are Now Live!!”

  1. These is p0rn! Might be a bit out of my league, but it’s good to have ambitions!

    I saw the website the other day; great that they sell online now. Only issues I have are buying something that expensive without fitting, but maybe if you already know a certain last fits you then the impulse buy is easier! That and I resent the price of their trees!

    But anyway, congrats to G&G – for what’s effectively a relatively new brand, they’ve established themselves brilliantly as a top end product recognised by a lot of people.

  2. MSR – G&G designers are simply Tony Gaziano….for me, he is a living legend in the shoe industry

    Alex B – true porn my friend…I assume that the people that will purchase from their site are existing customer that want to support G&G directly. This is not the first place to buy online so it’s no novelty or anything of that nature……

    But yes, hat’s off to them for being a 6-7 year old company that has surpassed not only in quality, reputation and elegance of product with respects to companies that have been around for +100 years.


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