If you are an Edward Green lover you are going to have your jaw dropped by the collection of footwear that Mr. Welt & Barrel has on his IG page. Calling it impressive doesn’t even scratch the surface. It’s mind-blowingly cool with a variety of styles and colors and models that would leave any snob like me in awe of such achievement. But today lets focus on his Galway collection.

I think that I got all of them but could be some that he does not break out as often and was not trying to sift through years of uploads like a mad man. I think that my favorite of the bunch is the one highlighted. While I prefer EG’s 82 last (the Almond toe) I love the color combination here in the Vintage Oak and Loden suede. It is such a striking contrast but that does not go overboard. And the Loden suede is one of my favorite offerings by Charles Stead and a shade that I feel is highly undervalued and underutilized. But Mr. Welt & Barrel must feel the same way that I do as I see he has ordered it often on several different pairs. The Galway is probably, and arguably by most, the best (and most copied) derby boot ever made. EG really nailed the pattern on that and for me, when paired with the 82 last and a double leather sole, it becomes the ultimate boot. Which one of the bunch is your favorite?

7 thoughts on “Galway Fans – Meet Welt & Barrel”

  1. Fabio Benedetto

    I’m really attracted by #8 the one in /mainly green suede). Green suede is underrated on shoes and when pulled off properly it really is amazing. Plus the other colors on the boots already compliments the green and enhances it. For me those are the best of this amazing bunch

  2. Apologies if Iím posting this in the wrong thread but Iím hoping you can help me?!

    I got caught in a sudden shower while walking to work last week and my chestnut coloured Cheaney oxfords now have a dark brown watermark running around the toe cap and the side of the shoe just above the welt. I left the shoes in a dry room for 3-4 days to dry out, hoping that the marks would fade to the point where I could polish them out, but theyíre still there.

    Is there anyway to remove dark water stains from tan leather or are the shoes ruined? There seems to be a myriad of advice on the internet but most of it relates to removing salt marks rather than stains caused by rainwater.


  3. I am with Justin here. Look at that wonderful contrast between loden suede and light brown calfskin. Just stunning.
    I also think the semi square toe gives it a nice edge. I could not agree more with your comments about green/loden suede been underrated and underused. Bring it back Justin! I am missing it in the current jfitzpatrickfootwear collection!
    I think this boot could only be improved if the calfskin was pebble grain or scotch grain pattern.

    The other one I love is the blue utah with the almond toe pattern. The ultimate all rounder and the perfect combination of style and practicality. As Justin, I am the biggest fan of blue shoes.

    Thanks for sharing these Justin

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