I never understood how important fur lined boots were until I moved to NYC and nearly froze my feet off. Living in mild climates one doesn’t understand just how cold it can get and what that does to our body. If the feet are cold the rest of the body cannot be comfortable and I realized this real quick during my first winter in NYC. Prior to this I was never a fan of a boot lined with fur/sheepskin etc. Now I live in my sheepskin lined boots come winter, which in reality is just around the corner.

Meermin, setting up shop in NYC a little while back with their store im Soho, have learned this too and have therefore just launched with recent model at the whopping low price of €240 ($270 ish). And that is a hard price to beat as that “fur” looks lile genuine shearling which I can tell you first hand, keeps those feet nice and warm.

For those in the market, dont sleep on this option.


6 thoughts on “Fur Lined boots by Meermin”


    Those boots do look warm and comfy, but as I live in Florida, I obviously won’t be buying anything like them. Until reading this post, I didn’t realize you moved to NYC. I wish you all the best and hope you’re happy to be back in the USA.

      1. Hi Justin,
        Thanks for your reply.
        Just to clarify was it just this pair of boots you had to go up haf a size or across all your other meermin shoes?
        I went to your unboxing youtube video but coudnt find the answer.

        1. Justin FitzPatrick

          I only have the pair in the unboxing video. I dont own these boots so I can’t actually help you there. Sorry.

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