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Last year Meermin created an MTO run of this new and exclusive Museum Shell Cordovan from Rocado Tannery of Italy. It was so successful that I did not even have a chance to write about it. It sold out faster than I could type (not literally 😉 but quite nearly. So, as Meermin run a very intelligent shop they naturally have re-released it in an MTO group order available in three different types of derby boots. It comes in 4 colors, all of which are quite spectacular. While not being a cult follower of sheel cordovan I quite appreciate the blend of it with the museum like finishing. Something new for the industry to sink their teeth into and only a matter of time before more tanneries get on board. But until that time, Meermin is here to supply the greatness.

My only gripe about this project is that it is derby style boots only. Cool would have been having a chukka and a chelsea, too. Or maybe a sleek, oxford boot? But I guess that will hopefully come next time. Fingers crossed for those of you that are not super derby style lovers like myself.

Of the four colors the blue is definitely the winner for me as I find it to be the most unique and unlike the actual museum navy calfskin counterpart. That natural base color really makes it appealing for me. I can only imagine how beautifully it will age and what it would look like with a nice deep blue polish on the toe.

I love that new ideas are being brought to the industry. New leathers are always exciting, at least for me, as I am sure they are for other brand owners. And its great that there is such competition amongst the tanneries these days as it creates the desire to one up the next guy with new leathers that we can all sink our teeth into. Ten years ago, it was just the same ol’ stuff show after show from the power tanneirs. Now there is something new each year to try out from smaler tanneire coming out of the woodworks. And that makes sampling far more exciting. Creating new styles is one thing. Using new leathers takes it up a notch. That’s why I am sure this launch was so successful the first time around. It helped to satisfu two camps: shell lovers and museum lovers. Both proabbly looking for something new in each arena. And here is it. Now, lets see what Meermin creates next with it?!

In the meanwhile, make sure to grab a pair or two before the group order ends. Stock to arrive in December.




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