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I am not going to lie, I used to really like Ferragamo and if I am going to be even more honest, I still kind of do. That being, I don’t like everything that they do, but sometimes, just sometimes they make a very nice shoe, one that is beautiful and well made and could stand next to the greats. That’s one thing that upsets me about some of the Italian companies. Many of them, like Gucci and the likes, have the capabilities of making a very nice and well made shoe. But apparently there is no money in quality, as quality usually doesn’t get you as nice of a return (in profit) as selling crap for a high price does. And more often than not, these designer brands chose to go down that route than follow the foot steps that their founders laid out when creating the company.

But as we see here, Ferragmo went a bit British in style (not completely with that bow) with this model and ended up making what looks to be a very made and beautiful shoe! But then again it could be that they only did this for the shop in Mayfair as they are probably wising up to the idea that the typical Mayfair gent likes a classically British look. The other new shoe in the window that I saw today is far more British than this, but subsequently a bit more boring as well. With this I am proud to say that Ferragamo made a lovely shoe that I would be happy to own!

6 thoughts on “Ferragamo Goes British”

  1. I think if you stick with the Tramezza line, you get a very very high quality shoe for a good price, compared to, say, Lobb or Edward Green. I’ve owned a number of Tramezzas, and they have never let me down. I prefer them to my Aldens, Vass, and (gasp) Edward Greens. There have been some recent changes that might indicate some cost-cutting, like exposed stitching on the sole. However, the leather quality still seems very good for the price, and I prefer the leather “filler” Ferragamo uses to the cork that most mass-produced makers use. The combination of that leather midsole with the double shanks seem to make the shoe more stable than other makes, and, while it takes a little longer to wear in, has a substantial feel that I like.
    The Lavorazione Original line used to be pretty good, and I still have some older pairs which seem on a par with the Tramezza in terms of quality of leather and soles, but made in blake-rapid fashion rather than fully welted. Unfortunately, my recent pairs of that line are not as good, and there definitely are better quality shoes for the price out there. Still look good, though.

    1. I’ve looked at their website and I can’t find any reference to a Tramezza line. Could you please give more information about this – I’m intrigued!

    2. I think that you said it, “used to be good,” but from what I see these days, they are okay, but not great like they once were…..definitely not EG quality and definitely not worth the £695 that they are currently charging…

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