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I have a real love/hate with Berluti, especially†after seeing this photo which is nearly so bad I feel like vomiting. All jokes aside, it is really just sad to me at what lengths designer’s/people/labels will go to create absurd articles of clothing that other gullible individuals deem as stylish because said brand made it. It’s like Louboutin’s shoes with spikes. I mean, I understand fashion and doing daring things to create an idea/look/lifestyle, but then often times it goes way beyond fashion and simply becomes down-right ridiculous and disgusting. And what kills me is the people that feed into this because it is a ‘designer’ label and thus the cycle of garbage perpetuates.

I never really thought that Berluti should go into clothes anyway as I believe that a brand should stick to its core values and ideas and not over offer themselves in too many articles of product, but this really took the cake when they attempted to make a suit from leather and then put cherry on top with the zippers at the bottom. It’s quite mind-boggling really. And I feel sorry for the person that spends a shit load of money buying this and thinking that it is stylish. Because it is not. It’s simply over the top. I at least appreciate the patina but the rest is ridiculous. And if you look closely, what are those monstrosities on the feet? Asymmetrical†weapons of fashion destruction by the looks of it.

Come on Berluti, you guys were founded on amazing footwear and design, but this is simply overboard. Stick to shoes, and the beautiful ones at that!

5 thoughts on “Fashion Should Die – Berluti’s Latest”

  1. When they lost Sartori, they lost their creative. Clothing by Sartori was innovative and very well made. The new
    creative director has alienated a significant portion of the client base, myself included.

  2. Hey Justin,

    I fully agree with you. What is even more unfortunate is that this is promoted by many of the established ‚Äúreputable‚ÄĚ websites such as forbes, business insider and GQ that will either promote you a Zara suit for 50$ and the Prada version for 2000$ all in the same article.

    Masses will hear a brand name and rush to buy.

    The same has sort of happened here right? They should stick to the nice shoes they made. I guess this is ‚Äúfashion‚ÄĚ which is entirely different from ‚Äútaste‚ÄĚ and ‚Äústyle‚ÄĚ.

    Have you seen those abominable Church’s with studs after Prada bought them?

    In any case, I wanted to say I enjoy your writing style and articles. I recently went through your becoming a shoemaker series it was so nice and informative. I am trying to save money to have a course under Janne Melkersson here in Sweden so I can work on my hobby too and this has been an inspiration.

    Greetings from Stockholm,
    Kostas from Misiu Academy

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thanks for the comment Kostas and the kind words re the blog. I am pleased that you have been enjoying it.

      Good luck on your course with Melkersson!

  3. Also, fashionable or not, why would anyone want trousers that can’t be hemmed? Even if function follows form, function should still be there at some point!

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