Enzo Bonafe for Skoaktiebolaget

Skoaktiebolaget is doing some interesting stuff with Enzo Bonafe and this lovely brown cordovan. All too often you see Cordovan in the common burgundy/oxblood color, which is beautiful no doubt, but it is refreshing to see it in this lovely mid-brown shade that I think will take a lot of interest not only for it’s novelty but for how great it comes up. The wholecut model presented is already available but the other 3 are currently available on a pre-order basis (at a low pre-order price at that) and due to arrive sometime in August. I quite like them all but really love the wholecut. Something about the more casualness of the cordovan leather paired with the conservative elegance of the wholecut model really makes for a nice marriage of separate ideas. And I am sure it has been going down a treat!

Get those pre-orders in before they close!

Enzo Bonafe for Skoaktiebolaget Enzo Bonafe for Skoaktiebolaget1 Enzo Bonafe for Skoaktiebolaget2 Enzo_Bonafe_3725_Mahogany_Cordovan_946_Last_1_1024x1024 Enzo_Bonafe_3725_Mahogany_Cordovan_946_Last_4_1024x1024

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