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What is it in our outfit that makes us tick? Makes us feel invincible? Makes us feel like we can do anything? Obviously, for each person these questions will produce a different answer but I am willing to bet that the majority of people will attribute their feelings of grandeur being directly related to the shoes they choose to buy and wear. It only makes sense considering that the foundation, for any object or idea, is the sole attribute that keeps that object or idea together, keeps it going forward and ultimately keeps hope alive, for without the foundation, its entirety would not exist! Being that the feet are the foundation for the body, it would be sensible to assume that the shoes are the foundation to every person’s outfit!

Why do we choose to wear nice things? To stand out? To tell the world, “Hey, look at me”? Why do people want the latest and greatest shoes? Is it because they appreciate art or is it because they are trying to attract the opposite sex? Whatever the case, there is a motive. And that motive is what drives people, even if it is simply just a person needing to buy shoes for the sake of having something to wear for the next 5 years. And while that is a case that exists more than I would like it to, my take is that more often than not the true motive is to ATTRACT others. I am not going to lie, I wear crazy shoes to attract people, in the sense that I want to show people: 1. That it can be done and look good and 2. So that people who have always wanted to do so can see someone else doing it and hopefully gain enough courage to then do it themselves, since unfortunately we live in a society where many people won’t take a plunge until they have the group-think approval. And when I wear those crazy shoes, I get a lot of attention, good and bad, but mostly good. People compliment, ask about my outfit etc. Yet when I don’t, that attention drops and I become just like the rest: common. This makes me pose the question again: Do shoes make the man?

When it comes to women, I feel like this case is even stronger. I cannot even begin to try and think like a lady would but I can see from what I notice in my wife and lady friends, that shoes are the driving force to them realizing their daily outfits. And when you look at these pictures I feel like it is truly evident on what you think about. For the left picture the only thing that pops into my head is if that girl is really going to ride a bike in those heels. Nothing else comes to mind, especially not the upper part of the outfit. Attraction to the shoes is overpowering and yet had she worn some flats, there would be nothing special about this picture. Do shoes make the woman? Whatever your take on the subject at hand, I feel like the shoes are and always will be the most important part of the outfit because you can’t fake them. A crappy shoe is noticeable from a mile away yet cheap clothes, suits and jackets etc. are hard to spot. I have said it before and I will say it again: you can wear high-end, elegant shoes with a cheap H&M or Zara suit and look good but you cannot wear a nice Brioni or Armani suit with some H&M or Zara shoes and look good. A shoes’ integrity is too easily noticeable and that is part of the reason that shoes make the man……and the woman!!

All pictures, except very top one, courtesy of The Sartorialist

4 thoughts on “Do Shoes Make The Man? The Woman?”

  1. I love this post, thank you.

    My mantra lately has been, “no ordinary shoes.”

    Being a full-time, M-F, 9-5 professional shoe shiner for the last 6 years, I cannot tell you the number of unremarkable shoes I have seen. One very busy day, I’d shined one plain black pair after the next, when, finally, a gentleman got up in my chair wearing a pair of bright purple Jeffrey West pointy-toed numbers. I was actually grateful!

    Also, I’ve always loved a man who will dare to pull off a red shoe.

  2. There is nothing more elegant than beautiful shoes, they enhance the figure of beauty itself. And indeed, shoes are the basis of each person’s outfit! I love your blog. Sincerely.

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