Do It Yourself Shoe Dyeing

Do It Yourself Shoe Dyeing

A reader recently sent me a picture of his collection of Ed Et Al boots that he had patina’d all by himself and I must say that he did a fantastic job. And while I wont say that mastering the art of patina is an easy thing I do believe that anyone that puts their mind to it, through trial and error, can at least get to a level where they could dye their own shoes with satisfactory results. This is living proof of that. But I always suggest that if you are going to give this a shot, that you try on shoes that either you don’t care about or some junk 2nd hand ones that you find for a fiver. Otherwise you might accidentally end up doing something that you can’t go back on. But hey, it’s all apart of the learning process.

At you can find the Saphir shoe dye that you need in order to carry out such adventures.

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Do It Yourself Shoe Dyeing

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