Del Toro Sneaker
It’s been awhile since I have written about Del Toro brand and what they are doing. They have always been on my radar since I first wore/reviewed their slippers back in 2010 and while what they are doing is completely different than a lot of what I write about on TSS, I must say that I have always appreciated their direction and design. Considering the spiking popularity of the Alpine Hiking Boot look this A/W and everyone hoping on board to get their version out, it was not until I saw these that I really felt compelled to re-mention the Del Toro brand. And that is because they are different. What I like about Del Toro is that they ‘sneakerfy’ everything. Take a shoe model and they have made it into a sneaker with a vulcanized sole. And they have done well doing so. As a sneaker lover myself (from my youth), I saw these and thought that the blending of design with sneaker look was quite brilliant and offers a great alternative to those that don’t want to drop the +$600 for the original versions….

Well done Del Toro, keep up the revolutionary design work.

A great weekend to all

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Del Toro Trek Sneaker2 Del Toro Trek Sneaker

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