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If I am not in boots, I am in loafers. In my yearly act of aging, I find myself more and more lazy to not be tieing shoes up. Do not get me wrong, I love oxfords. But I just seem to gravitate towards easy-peasy footwear for quick application in my morning rush. Being a parent doesn’t help as the kids have to get to daycare/school and I am the one to take them! That being, I always love coming across a great loafer. And when I saw this one here, by Cru Nonpareil, I was floored. And not because it reinvented the wheel or anything but because it stepped outside of the box and implemented ideas hardly ever shown. And that took it to the next level for me. So, let us take a look at those

The first thing that grabbed me was the color combination. This looks like a very dark olive/moss/loden type of color. A color that I have always loved, but one that is harder to sell and therefore not made very often. But what got me was the crocodile tassels in this orange/tan color and how beautiful they contrasted yet complemented the moss suede. The beauty of this combination is that naturally you can wear it in the Summer but the darker earth thone allows you to always easily transition to the Autumnal vibe as well.



The second thing that was quite appealing was the fact that he added a storm welt to them, giving them a unique look, not often shown on a loafer. As the brand hails from the Caribbean I can understand this as those any-second downpours that the Caribbean is affected by can really get your shoes beyond wet. This added layer of protection is a sure way to keep your shoes lasting that much longer. But on top of that, from a style point appeal, this makes naturally more casual which I believe was a part of the idea, more of a jean shoe and not something to look at as formal, at all. And being a guy that loves to wear loafers with jeans, this really appealed to me.

Now, when you visit the site, you might notice that there is room for improvement, but do not be taken back by that. The owner, Kenwin, is a very nice gentleman and I can vouch for him. On top, I have seen customers very happy with his products and service. So do not be reluctant to make a purchase or at least, reach out with questions. He has some more interesting options on the site as well!


18 thoughts on “Cru Nonpareil – Star On The Rise!”

    1. Cru Nonpareil is an exciting and refreshing brand. It brings something never before done in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The designs and comfort of each creation tells of the level of skill and mastery used to give life to such unparalelled creations. In a time when fashion has taken a back seat, Kenwin Small has really given hope to those with an astute taste in footwear. Each shoe depicts an elegant design stiched to perfection with subtle hints of the strength of the brand. Once any person dons a pair, people instantly identify the wearer as someone of high calibre, power and an avid eye for class. Hats off to you Mr. Small. Fly that Trini flag high!

  1. John S aka @wishoeguy

    I can vouch for Kenwin as well. A great gentleman with a passion for shoes that Rivals my own. I’ve got a couple pairs from him and they’re good quality for the price.

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