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It would appear that 2020 is the year that the more famous GY welted shoemakers drop/update their Driving Loafer line, after previously never having one or giving it a massive revamp, most likely due to the fact that driving loafers by nature are not Goodyear welted, hence it never being focused on. Carmina just recently dropped theirs and I covered it on Tuesday and now, here is the covering of the new line by famous British shoemaker Crockett & Jones. C&J has had a line for many years (10 to be exact) but has recently given it a massive refresh and it is good to see both shoemakers expanding their collections and construction offerings. You know that times will really be different when they both drop a sneaker range. And remember, that I said it first. But I digress.

Crockett & Jones’ New Driving Loafer range is split into 2 different types: 1. Your more typical style driving loafer with the patch rubber insets (below) and a full rubber sole version (above), obviously meant for more ‘real’ wear. Personally, I prefer the classic style driving loafer but knowing the British crowd and customer, I think that many of their UK clients will gravitate towards the full rubber sole option as the UK is no stranger to rain and is very much a ‘walking’ or ‘on your feet’ culture. Therefore, I understand their choice to blend the Italian style with more British practicality. The classic driving loafer will easily get destroyed in UK weather if worn as a ‘shoe’ and not a luxury item.

Priced at $350, you definitely feel the pricetag. Of course, knowing Crockett though, the upper, lining and sole material will all be top-notch. The collection is more focused on suede’s overall but my favorite among them is the brown grain string loafer. I could see myself getting a lot of use out of that one. That loafer will be durable, yet soft and brown grain with a softer texture is actually extremely versatile. I imagine that it will be the best seller of the classic driving loafer style. Let’s see if I am right?!

Well, let’s see who will be next to break out a driving loafer range. G&G? Ha! That would be a site to see with a pricetag to match!

Happy Shopping Everyone. Find this collection at a Crockett and Jones shop near you!


2 thoughts on “Crockett & Jones – New Driving Loafer Range”

  1. Eugene Freedman

    I have worn driving loafers for a decade for driving only. My commute is an hour each way and I don’t want to scuff my dress shoes on the drive, plus, the leather sole is too slippery for driving; it’s probably dangerous. Diving loafers seem like a one and done purchase, though. After a decade, my loafers have nearly no wear. I sometimes have to walk to my car a block or two, but other than that, they get no sole wear. I’d definitely recommend buying a pair to anyone who spends a decent amount of time driving as part of their commute. Plus, amortized over a decade or more, the cost becomes negligible.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thanks for sharing Eugene! And if one does a lot of driving for their commute wearing driving loafers is certainly recommended 😉

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