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The day that many of you have probably been waiting for is finally here. Crockett & Jones is now officially an online retailer as well as a brick & mortar establishment. And that’s huge for the many of you that might not live close to a C&J store or never find the model you want at their numerous amounts of stockists. Your seamless C&J transaction is now only a few clicks away.

What most probably do not know is that this is nearly 3 years in the making. Some people might find that crazy but most also won’t understand what a task it is to go from a factory that supplies shoes to their ‘ordering stockists,’ as well as their own shops, to a full-blown online retailer with RTW stock. Not only does that stock have to get made (solely for the website) but the enormous task of revamping the website to be perfect and hiccup-free. It’s an undertaking and a half, to say the least! Yet, they did it and it’s finally here and here to stay, especially after a tumultuous 2020 that most definitely caused a huge lack of sales for the +100 year old brand.

On top of that, their stock availability is impressive for some models, going as low as UK5 all the way up to UK13 with all half sizes between. That is a large range and good for those that seek out MTO purchases as these sizes are hard to find on an RTW basis. The only issue is that not all models have this stock range. But I am sure that as time goes on, C&J will continue to beef up that stock availability as that is the key component in being an E-Commerce retailer.

C&J has also included some ‘guides to purchasing’ for those that might not be as familiar with all of their lasts, soles, fit, leathers etc, and need extra assistance in making that final step to purchasing.  These very in-depth explanations are crucial to helping all of your feel comfortable going for the online plunge. Naturally, if this does not give you all of the confidence you need there are always numerous online forums where customers share their guidance on fit and feedback, too.

It is a good day to have one of the industry’s most reputable brands join the online E-Commerce industry and step into the future of keeping dress shoes relevant and in the minds of the modern man.

And lastly, with cthe launch of their new E-Comm is also the preview of their S/S2021 Collection, where you can drop your email to be notified as soon as the stock is ready which is set to be in April. Some very cool loafers there, as shown below 😉


There is only one hiccup to this news and that is due to Brexit, C&J is currently not able to serve the EU but they are working as quickly as possible to create a solution to this unfortunate problem. For those of you in the EU, please consult your nearest stockist for C&J online purchases.

To read a bit more history on this project, please see the link:

Help keep C&J successful by placing your order with them on their new online retail site!

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