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I have never believed that a boot needed to be worn only through the months of Autumn/Winter although this is how they are always marketed and sold. I can understand this if you live in a tropical climate for 100% of the year but for the rest of us city folk who even if we live in a hot place (like NYC in the Summer) often times spend a lot of our time in an A/C controlled environment where any article of clothing can be worn. Now, this train of thought might also depend on the model of boot too, as wearing a hiking style of boot in Summer might be on the silly side of things but a sleek, suede jodhpur in my humble opinion spans the year in its ability to be worn. The Cottesmore, by Crockett & Jones, defines this train of thought.

Being one of their latest offerings last A/W, I was immediately intrigued by this model, not only for its sleek pattern but also because I love the jodhpur model more so in suede than in any other type of leather/material. I don’t know why but in my brain, I associate the jodhpur with a riding boot, something you wear when going out on your Vespa/scooter, motorcycle, bicycle, whatever form of transportation you have, not being a car. I think that association was instilled by my good friend who always wore jodhpurs and rode his scooter all over Paris. And naturally, he always had a pair of jeans and a Barbour field jacket that accompanied this look, of which apparently stuck in my head as the look that goes with jodhpurs. Being that suede is more casual than leather and for me pairs better with denim, I see the Cottesmore boot as the ultimate jodhpur offering.

I also liked the little detail of the higher cut of the front part of the shaft, while the back was cut slightly lower. The longer extension makes it a touch more elegant as well. This detail, of course, will go unnoticed underneath a pair of trousers but is a nice touch nonetheless. And the thin city rubber sole, makes it appear as a more dressy option but allows you to wear it hard with that tough rubber bottom giving you the best of both worlds of style and practicality. C&J didn’t miss a trick when designing this one!

If this is your first time see the Cottesmore, don’t overlook it just because Winter is halfway over. A good suede boot can be worn through July, giving it only a break in August 🙂

Happy Shopping!


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