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Crockett and Jones’s much anticipated A/W collection is finally live and ready to sink your teeth into. It has felt like a long Summer, which is nice, but I know that many of us are ready for a bit of change, not only in weather but also in our wardrobe. At least I know that I, for sure, am. Ultimately, I am a boot guy. If it did not get so dang hot in NYC each Summer I would certainly be living in my boots all year round. So naturally, my excitement is always imminent when Sept. 21st hits and the weather starts to take that daily turn towards cold.

While there are few new models per se, A/W21 feels to me like an extension of A/W20 adding colors to existing models and dropping a brand new colorway, which is quite cool. And I understand this strategy. Sometimes as a brand, you have concepts in your head and you feel as if they will do well but you are not entirely sure so you test the waters with one colorway in them to see how it performs. If it does well, you add more. And that is why I feel like this is an extension of last year’s collection as I see several black versions of new models they made last year. I will discuss more of that below as I break down each separate collection of the new A/W offering.


The Black Editions

Last year’s winner for me was the Aldershot strap boot. They did not have to do much to make that a 2nd round winner for me again with its new offering in black grain/rough-out suede. A winner in brown and a winner also in black. Let’s hope the trend continues with something bolder for next year 🙂 On top of that, they followed up with black versions of the Whitby double monk and the Islay brogue boot, two very strong editions for Winter with commando soles and durable leather uppers. A solid collection of black options for those that like the classic color and need the ultimate in rough-weather protection. Which one do you prefer of the 3?


The Slate Suede Collection


This is something completely new for C&J. A new colorway that blends, beige/brown/grey to make this lovely slate color that really offers something different to what is typically found in the suede arena. I really like this shade as I feel like it really hits the mark on versatility. I cannot really think of a color that it would not complement. I can only imagine that this will be the big hit for them this year. Especially as they nailed the models to put this new colorway on. A chelsea boot is a no-brainer for any shoe lover. And, well, the Coniston is C&J customer’s holy grail boot so it’s a knock-out of the park not only for existing clients but for roping in new ones. The question is, of the two, which will be more popular?


The Classic Brown’s


Unless I missed something, the only truly new model for this A/W collection is the Grizedale, which is an alternation of the Ross boot from a few years back, taking away the padded collar and replacing it with a more traditional dress boot shaft. Coming in a Dark Brown Rough Out suede, this boot is yet another super-rugged yet practical boot for those colder/wet months that we are all too familiar with saving those of you who live in tropical climates! The other 3 options are new colorways in existing models, from the classic Pembroke brogue to the Chepstow chukka boot. Both easy options for anyone that likes winter wear. I do enjoy the Pembroke. That dark brown suede is so easy to gravitate towards when the autumnal coloring of the season is ever-present in our daily style choices.


A solid collection for sure. Quite safe in colorways yet practical in terms of versatility and built to endure the harsh weather some areas experience. Crockett tends to go bolder for Summer and more realistic for Winter and I am sure that is a safe bet that does well for them. I am excited to see them expand the slate suede collection into the Summer models and even future Autumn models. It’s a very nice shade. I am sure most of you will agree.

Make sure to check out their site. Most of you probably know that they now have an online eCommerce site for those of you that do not frequent London or NYC. Ordering is now only a few clicks away!


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