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Crockett & Jones has just released 19 new SKUs for their AW2022 collection. From existing models with rubber soles, to new colorways, and flat-out brand-new models, there is something for everyone and I am sure that many of you will find a few things that you will love. So, let’s take a look at them!


New Sole and Colorway To An Existing Model


With the continued popularity of the commando sole, C&J has decided to put their famous tassel loafer, the Cavendish, on this rugged Winter bottom. I am sure that it will be a huge success for them, especially as I am feeling a brutal winter coming. For those that live in concrete jungles, such as NYC, London, or Paris, and tend to commute via their own two legs, there is really nothing like a solid commando sole for pounding that pavement, especially during a wet/cold season. On top of that, C&J used a lightweight commando sole, by Vibram, that is sure to leave your feet just as comfortable at the end of the day as they were at the start!

Also, they added a dark brown suede version in a G fitting of their lovely Brandford derby.

New Colorways To Existing Models


They have added a lot of depth this season with new colorways to some of their most popular models, as well as a brand new last, the 336, on their James Bond ‘Molton’ chukka boot model. The new last is one of their more ‘full’ style chisel lasts, quite broad and definitely appealing to a more rough and casual chukka style, quite exactly how they are marketing it in what looks like the highlands of Scotland. On top of those two chukkas, they also have two new colorways in the Chiltern chukkas as well: Navy and Slate. That’s a total of 4 new chukka options. Of the 4 options, I really like the Slate color. It’s unique and so versatile with Autumnal attire. I can see that doing well.

They have added a rubber sole and a new deep, dark and elegant brown to the famous Lowndes double monk. That is without a doubt going to fly off the shelves, especially in London where most guys are wearing a pair! The Boston loafer comes in a lovely new reddish-tan ‘Chestnut’ color, also with a city rubber sole, one of their brighter offerings for the Autumn season. Last, but certainly not least, they have added a classic dark brown suede choice to their long-standing Connaught oxford, as well as another Chestnut version, both with rubber soles. Surely an easy choice for most sartorial-minded men.

New Styles Altogether


This is where things get exciting, especially knowing the market and what it likes at the moment, namely the adelaide oxford. Coming around to that idea, C&J has finally launched their Albany brogued adelaide to the UK/US markets. Previously only having been seen in France around 5 years ago, they decided to resurrect this lovely oxford and I think that they made a super wise choice doing so. This is the ‘it’ oxford at the moment and their version of it is lovely, to say the least. They have released it in black and Ivywood calf for now. The Ivywood is such a great color. So beautiful. I can only imagine this being the top selling of the shoes this season. I would be curious to see if something outperforms it.

They have a lot of new boots, all very cool. I love the Glencoe high boot with the shearling top. That is a great Winter boot that really helps in this lovely East Coast weather we get in NYC. On those freezing cold days where you can feel it in your knees, it is boots like these that keep the hope alive for that feeling of warmth.

I also really like the Perth, derby boot with the willow grain shaft. I think that it was a great choice putting it on the 363 last for a bit more ‘elegance’ so to speak with that slightly pointed toe. A great choice and I hope that this is a successful model for them.

Lastly, and it is odd for me not being the biggest fan of plain-jane derbies, but I really like the look of the simple yet elegant Ripon on the lovely Dark Brown Burnished leather. A very straightforward dress shoe for a more casual look

Check them all out here:


****please note that Crockett & Jones is a sponsor of my blog and this is a sponsored post***

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