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Personally speaking, I am not one for extreme anything. I used to be, back when I wore purple velour Ferragamo bit loafers and banana yellow Prada loafers during my time as a Nordstrom shoe salesman. But as I grow older, I tend to become more and more ‘safe’ so to speak. I love two tones but nothing that screams out at you. But, saying all of this, I have really learned to appreciate shoemaking as also simply a form of art and thus find appealing things that I once might have turned my nose up at. And this is the beauty of growth: being able to appreciate and find beauty in things that may not be to your personal liking but appeal on a deeper artistic level. Thus, enters Corthay’s ‘Silex, rock shoe.’



The Silex model came from the desire of one of Corthay’s best clients wanting a pair of bespoke shoes that resembled rocks. A very interesting request but I guess when you have so many of one thing, you tend to get bored and want to change it somehow, someway. Makes me wonder how many pairs of shoes this client has??? Nonetheless, a challenging request created a very unique opportunity for Corthay to undergo and thus conquer through creativity and craftsmanship. And the end result is nothing shy of magnificent. Personally speaking, I would never wear this. But as a functional work of art and knowing the painstaking art form that is shoemaking, I bow my head to this feat. For it is worthy of praise and respect.

The only issue with showing the world that you are capable of such requests is the influx of new ones by other clients. Let’s hope that Corthay has not shot themselves in the foot by doing this, as I can only imagine other bespoke clients wanting to get in on the action and realize their wildest shoe fantasies!


11 thoughts on “Corthay’s Rock Shoe – Something To Behold”

  1. These are actually (I believe) weirdly quite understated. Yes, the rock like leather (I actually saw them more as wood – maybe because of the colour and shoe trees), I don’t love the sock combination – too much! Would love to see them on bare feet …
    There is a natural beauty mixed with tromp l’oeil.
    Statement yes but a kind of Found in Nature not Against Nature dandyism

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