Cool Museum Patina by CNES Shoemaker

Cool Museum Patina by CNES Shoemaker

I found a really cool photo on Facebook of the rough patina process (when I say rough, I mean minimal steps shown) courtesy of one of the workers of CNES Shoemaker. Vietnamese shoemaker, CNES shoemaker, has been coming out with some exciting stuff lately and this just adds to the excitement. I only wished they took this one step further and showed a picture with the patinating of this same shoe in as many colors of the color spectrum as possible. That would make for an amazing photo and even more so an amazing piece of marketing for the shoemaker’s capabilities.

As time goes, on it would appear that patina has become more and more prevalent in the shoemaker’s repertoire and even more so just in society as a whole. So many people are taking it upon themselves to learn, whether it is self-taught, through YouTube videos and/or patina courses, it is clearly becoming a way of the upper end of the shoe industry and is really no longer what say may have described as a trend or fad.

For some interesting shoemaking, check out CNES and what they are doing. On Instagram, they have like 3 or more pages so not sure which one is best, but you guys can decide!

Cool Museum Patina by CNES Shoemaker

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