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Part of the new direction for The Shoe Snob in 2014 (and onwards) is the idea of more collaborations and as I said before, doing my best to make the blog more interesting. I feel that I have done a good job at creating good content but what is lacking was a bit of fun. Something that makes it stand out more than just a few pictures with some words attached. While I pride myself in giving educational articles to learn from, I want to create more “fun” stuff too! Part of being more fun is collaborating with like minded individuals in the men’s industry whether it be in shoes, clothes, accessories etc. so long as it remains within the spectrum of shoes and what goes well with them! Another one of my passions is watches. I love them and a nice watch is definitely going to be the first present that I gift to myself once I hit the big time. And leading the way in the journalism side of the watch industry (similar to TSS for shoes) is a great site calledWatchAnish ran by a friend of mine (the creator of my biography video as well as my new shine video that is about to drop). If you love watches, then you need to follow him as you follow me. And be on the look out for video’s and events hosted by the two of us as we start to plan our year of collaboration!

Shoes: J.FitzPatrick
Watch: Arnold & Son TB88 Dead Seconds
Gloves: Gieves & Hawkes (navy leather)
Globe/Binoculars: Bentley’s London

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  1. Good on you, Justin, and wishing you every success and great things in 2014. Hope to see you in the spring and keep up the great blog. Already hooked! Best wishes from Mogadishu, Justin

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