I love a nice calf skin, but what I realize when looking at this picture, is how much my shoe wardrobe is lacking in anything outside of suede and calf. It could be due to the fact that most exotic skins come with a high price tag (that I have yet to be able to cope with) as well as needing to go bespoke in order to get them. I mean, crocodile is nice sometimes, but it really doesn’t do it for me that much, not at least in the way that carpincho (the middle one) does…..One thing that I really like about Cleverley, as well as their customers, is the fact that they seem to frequently want unique pieces such as these three here: L-R, Russian reindeer, carpincho and hippopotamus. Mix a fancy hide with a signature Cleverley sharp chisel toe, and what do you get? F’ing greatness is what. Now I just have to see about saving up to get a nice carpincho wholecut loafer! Soon enough….

6 thoughts on “Cleverley Bespoke – Always Something Interesting….”

  1. I really admire Cleverley’s creations, and share your quest for some exotic additions.

    The reindeer they have is something special – lost at sea for centuries and now something really unusual. It’s a great story, as well as an unusual look. And carpincho, is that what it is? At first glance I thought it was a smoothed down stingray. It looks awesome! But somehow I feel sad it wasn’t a wholecut. Just me?

    Great stuff, Justin. Now let’s have some more of yours! 🙂

  2. Carpincho is a lovely leather. It’s more common in gloves than in shoes, but I love the patterns and the way ou can see the skinstructure and (I think) the follicles.

  3. A nice overview Justin.

    I have a pair of Carpincho gloves and it was the texture of the leather that led me buy them. I’m glad I did.I wouldn’t mind a pair of those Cleverlys in the same and the reindeer as well.



  4. Alex B – Funny you mention the reindeer….I have heard to story and the more that I see it in production, the more that I think that it was all a myth or that they have replicated it and continue to sell the story while the original is long gone….when I was at Stefano Bemer’s he had it too and was using it….and that was 4 years ago….seems to be that it is used a lot but never runs out???

    Paul Van Der Hart – definitely… want to get a shoe in it asap…

    Michael – thanks for sharing!

    Anon – too wide heels yes…not sure about the toes however….


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